Coosa River Challenge XVII, October 5, 2019   

Wetumpka, Alabama City of Natural Beauty

Coosa River Challenge FAQ's

Below are some of the most common questions we've had in the past if you have others, feel free to post them on our Discussion Forum and we'll try to get you an answer.


  1. What type of clothing do people tend to wear for racing?
    • You will run and ride first, so wear what you need for that, just keep in mind that what you’re wearing when you leave the bike section will be worn through the woods along the river and in the river for the rest of the race.  Having said that, a lot wear shorts that will endure the scrapes and other rigors, some wear biking shorts or even triathlon outfits.  Just make sure it is comfortable for several hours and wears well when soaked.

  2. Will there be water along the course?
    • Yes, it’s know as the Coosa River…no really, there will likely be a water station at the Trailhead transition area for the end of the run and bike, and possible other stations along the way, but don’t count on them.  Make sure you have what you need with you for the race.

  3. What kind of bike should I bring?
    • Any bike is allowed, but it is technical single-track and a mountain bike is highly preferred.  Having said that, it has been done on a cyclocross bike (quite successfully actually) and even a Cruiser (have fun with that!!!) and the personnel from the base have even brought the rental bikes for the race (gave race officials a good laugh anyway).

  4. Will there be medical personnel along the race course in the event of accidents?
    • Yes, we benefit from the expert support of the Elmore County Search and Rescue Team who are ready and able to deal with any issues that may arise.  We’ve not had many injuries and nothing too serious, but there is always something.

  5. What are the race location addresses for mapping programs? (approx address for trailhead)
    • Coosa River Adventures (Friday Night venue, Saturday morning meeting and race finish) – 415 Company Street, Wetumpka AL 36092 (GPS: 32.542150, -86.199713)
    • Swayback Bridge Trail (Start/Finish of run and bike portions) – 183 Jordan Dam Rd, Wetumpka AL 36092   (GPS Coord: 32.623448, -86.239246)

  6. Is there an age limit?
    • No, we’ve had racers as young as 10 and they’ve done fine and upwards into the 60s.

  7. This would be my first Adventure Race, is this race suitable for beginners?
    • Absolutely, as long as your endurance for  4-6 hours of physical effort is there you should be able to compete.  We do hightly recommend pre-riding the bike course if you’ve never ridden a technical single-track course before, but it isn’t required.

  8. What are the lodging options in Wetumpka?  See for full listing.
    • There are 2 hotels in Wetumpka (Key West Inn and 231 Motel)
    • Rough Camping can be found at the Coosa River Adventures (Friday night venue) or a more typical campground can be found at the Fort Toulouse Historic Site

Run/Bike Leg

  1. Where do I put all my stuff needed for the bike or run when I head off for the river leg?
    • We recommend everyone have a sports bag with whatever extras they have (bike shoes, extra water, food, etc) that they may want for the run/bike portions of the race but don’t want to take onto the river with them.  You will give the bag over to race personnel along with your bike at the end of the bike section.  It will then be transported and secured at the finish line for you to pick up at the end of the race.

River Leg

  1. I’m racing as a team, can we reserve a certain type of boat in advance
    • No, they will be first come first served at the river put in.  However, in the past, we’ve not ever had a problem running out of either type of boat.

  2. I’m racing as a team, can we get two single kayaks instead of a double kayak or canoe?
    • No, teams must use double kayaks or canoes

  3. Can teams choosing canoes get double ended kayak paddles or do they have to get just single ended canoe paddles?
    • Yes, you can get the kayak paddles if you prefer, there should be ample supply of both.

  4. Do I need to wear shoes during the river leg
    • You need to wear some type of footwear, you will be in and out of your boat as you go down the river doing whatever the sadistic race planner organizes..

  5. Can I bring a racing kayak?
    • If it floats we allow it, so knock yourself out, just don't rub it in to the other racers, this has been a sensitive subject in the past.

  6. Will there be any running sections along the river leg?
    • Always has been and probably can be expected again.  Never too long but will exist.

  7. Will the mud pit be used this year?
    • Wouldn't be the CRC without it.  Make sure you smile big at the end of it to show just how much you REALLY enjoyed it!!! We'll do our best to keep the diesel from the pump from spilliing in again this year.

  8. Do I need any experience to do the Rappel challenge (if we have it)?
    • No, it is beginner friendly, albeit a bit intimidating.  Experience climbing personnel will be on hand ensuring the utmost safety during the challenge and they don’t bend any when it comes to safety.


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