Coosa River Challenge XII, October 4, 2014   

Wetumpka, Alabama City of Natural Beauty

2014 Race Details

3-6 hours of mountain biking, trail running, river paddling with lots of special tests throughout.  The format is 2-person teams male/female/co-ed or individual and the course is friendly enough to be finished by the novice racer, while challenging enough for the veteran adventure racer.  We expect the top teams to finish in about 4 hours with the majority of racers to have finished in 6 hours.  The route incorporates the last of the whitewater of Alabama's major river systems and finishes in historic downtown Wetumpka. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014


Entry Fee
April 22 - June 22 $75 $130
June 23 - August 23 $100 $150
August 24 - September 24 $110 $175

Packet pick up will be at the pre party friday October 3, 2014 at 6:00-9:00 at Coosa River Adventures. Detailed info about challenges will be provided as well as food, drink and entertainment.

General race day timeline Saturday morning:
6:00 am - Last Minute registration and packet pickup if you missed Friday night event.

7:00 am - All racers at Goldstar Park for bike drop-off and race briefing then transport (big yeller schoolbus) to race start. (Please be on time)

8:30 am - Race Start at Swayback Bridge Trailhead

If you need any directions to any of the race locations, check out the map below.

Other questions, just create a forum post and we'll see if we can get it answered.

Below is a general map of the race course...Green is start, Red is morning meeting point and finish. Yellow is Friday night.

View CRC Adventure Race in a larger map


To assist in race planning; There is only one official race transition area which is located at the Swayback trailhead. The run and the bike will start and finish from here. You will be allowed to leave one gear bag at this location during the race for transition purposes. Gear bags and bikes will be transported back to the finish at Gold Star park after the biking is completed. Whatever you take with you after the biking portion on your way down to the kayak/canoe leg will remain with you until you arrive at Goldstar park, so plan accordingly..
Note: The boat leg ends at Goldstar park where you will find the long awaited finish line. You can choose to leave more equipment along the course, but race organizers are not liable for any equipment left at any point other than the official transition area.

Race planning is just about complete, but we reserve the right to keep the lid on a few surprises (that’s why its called an Adventure race right?). But I’m sure you wouldn’t want it any other way. Anyway, Here is what we will disclose:
• Run; distances is approx. 3-4 miles at the start with about 2-3 more added in throughout.
• Bike; distance around 8 miles.
• 7 mile kayak/canoe down the Coosa river
Note: Canoes/2-man-sit-on-top and indivual kayaks will be available on a first come/first serve basis. Due to logistics, we will not be accepting specific boat type requests. (Teams must use team boats, a team can’t use two individual kayaks)
• Finish at Goldstar Park

Challenge Details:
Several challenges will be revealed at racetime.


These rules are to ensure the safety and integrity of the race. They will be enforced the race staff and volunteers. Any protests can be made after completion of the race to the race director. All decisions by the race director are final.

Boat Information

Like last year, competitors are not restricted to certain types of canoes/kayaks. Hey we’re all about fun and keeping it simple; If it floats you you can use it. Race qualified boats may be rented at a discount at the time of registration – either online, or mail-in. Boat rental is $35 for teams, and $25 for individuals.


  • Failure of a team to pass through each checkpoint in order.
  • Using a mode of travel other than the one specified for each leg.
  • Any travel other that human powered travel.
  • Littering on the course.
  • Assistance by anyone not competing in the race (this includes support crew) outside of the Transition Areas.
  • Missing checkpoint
  • Disobeying instructions from a race official
  • Unauthorized road/trail travel
  • Non-assistance to a person in danger
  • Not wearing or improperly wearing a life jacket in the boat
  • Not wearing a helmet while on the bike
  • Violation over the identity of a competitor or change of a team member during race
  • Removing/altering a punch device, trail sign or marking
  • Travel on Unauthorized/Restricted route

30 Minute Penalty

  • Teammates not staying within 100 feet of each other.
  • Teams not staying on the prescribed course.

15 Minute Penalty


Racers should prepare for 4-6 hours of hydration such as camelbacks, electrolytes, fuel, etc. We will have a water station at the Swayback Bridge trail. Racers will also need to bring a compass for the orienteering challenge.


Wetumpka, Alabama – 32.54°N, 86.21°W

Distance from:
Birmingham: 95 Miles
Mobile: 175 Miles
Jackson: 265 Miles
Atlanta: 170 Miles

Use the Google map above for detailed driving directions to Coosa River Adventures - the site of the pre-race registration on Friday night (Yellow Marker).

Places to Stay

Camping is available at the race registration site (Coosa River Adventures)

Detailed Lodging Information: TheRiverRegionOnline Lodging Page

For more information, contact  

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